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Daxter is a character who appears to lack depth or a real personality. On the surface, he's a loud, brash, obnoxious, wisecracking, hot-tempered, vulgar, rude, and cowardly wannabe badass and ladies' man. His ego is apparently big enough to swell his head many times over…the only thing he has more confidence in is Jak’s skills. While much of this is true, part of it’s just a mask he wears. He is loud and often obnoxious, a bit of a flirt, likes to shoot off his mouth, shies away from danger, and spends lots of time trying to impress others with exaggerated tales of his heroism. He’s also somewhat cynical and disrespectful to authority figures, especially the ones he dislikes. There’s not a lot he seems to truly care about(mainly Tess, pants, and Jak).

But beneath all that annoying stuff is a loyal person who will do what it takes to help his friends when necessary. He’s actually pretty brave for someone so small, easily capable of holding his own when he has to and can assist others in ways that are helpful but often overlooked. He doesn’t like to just run into danger willy-nilly like his best friend does daily, though he does have a daring streak and has done dangerous things on his own. He’s protective of anyone he gets close to, in his own way, and would follow them to hell and back…although he’d fuss and complain the whole way just because he doesn’t like it, and someone has to do it.

Given the fact that almost no one ever sees him as more than an obnoxious talking rat, he has had little reason to be anything more. But if one watches his mannerisms closely there are moments when other aspects of his personality become noticeable. As shown in later games he’s also a little insecure and sometimes lacks the confidence he pretends to have in spades, so praise, especially from the people he’s close to, means a lot to him.

Dark Daxter:
Dark Daxter is somewhat different from his smaller counterpart, He’s fearless, well aware of his power, has no real sense of self-preservation, and simply looking for something to inflict pain upon or snack on. He finds it fun. This doesn’t mean he’s stupid though, as he can still navigate areas that can require some serious brainpower to figure out. A lot of it seems to be all in good fun for him. Naturally, Dark Eco is a major vice for him.

Abilities/Additional Notes:
Although Daxter doesn’t show any real special powers, he does have a resistance to small amounts of Dark Eco which affects his mood but has no permanent effects. Light Eco also affects his personality.

Daxter is very strong for his size, as long as it doesn’t require him to put his weight into it. This has been seen in the fact that he can shoot Jak’s gun, has helped him get loose from a Dark Eco mutant, and has taken on enemies larger than himself barehanded…but couldn’t turn the valve at the Pumping Station and had trouble removing a metal bar holding a large stone ball in place.

When doused in large amounts of Dark Eco ,or when he’s extremely angry or fearing for his life, Daxter transforms into Dark Daxter. Dark Daxter is around eight feet tall and very powerful, though he attacks more often being pelting targets with Dark Eco balls. He won’t revert to Daxter until he’s worn down, and Daxter suffers the after effects by signs of fatigue and headaches but seems unable to recall much beyond the initial transformation.

Unlike with Jak, having Dark Eco in his system doesn’t seem to have altered Daxter’s personality at all.
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